Yoga Flow (Vinyasa)

In this class the same series is given every week. This ensures that you get to know the yoga postures more quickly, have to think less, make progress faster during class.

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic form of yoga and is currently the most common yoga style. Vinyasa is also known as Flow yoga: you can best see it as coordination of a flow of certain poses on the movement of the breath. You flow from one posture to another in a sequence. 

Vinyasa Yoga provides a powerful and vital body and focuses on the yang element with the focus on contracting muscles. These poses are for the development of strength, muscle strengthening, balance and endurance. 

Postures from the Sun Salutation form the basis of Vinyasa, which are repeated one after the other. This is followed by separate asanas, to be able to apply variation within the flow.

The positive effect on the body can be experienced at many different levels. Vinyasa is sometimes referred to as aerobic-style yoga because of the heat that develops within muscle metabolism. That’s why you can sweat during a Vinyasa class: you give your body the chance to remove waste.

*Online videos are given in English

*Classes in our yoga studio are given in Dutch

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