An emotional trigger or emotional upset is in a way the echo of a traumatic memory. You might not remember it, but what you are triggered by in your current life, is a trigger from a past memory that needs your attention. View them as messengers of something important. You can also see them as an upgrade, there is more energy to integrate. So the upgrade is already spiritually, and your body has to catch up to that.  In this way you can use them to your advantage. It’s an opportunity for integration. The more you integrate the less of a gap there is between you and your physicality. 

When you use triggers to integrate yourself, you’ll eventually lose any negative association that you might have had with the triggers. You’ll be less reactive when a trigger occurs, and you’ll begin to associate triggers with integration and feeling better. You can use your emotions to integrate ‘higher’ energy.

Once you change the meaning of something, your whole life can be lived differently. You’ll feel like the Universe is assisting you instead of causing you to suffer.

When you commit to shadow work, anytime you feel a trigger you will learn to bring your attention on the feeling you are experiencing in that moment. You are essentially listening to the echo of your past. Once you feel that an emotion has been triggered, it’s an ideal time to do a shadow work session with yourself or a coach. The sooner you use a trigger to integrate, the better. If it is not possible to do that, then schedule a better time. But really ask yourself what is really important? The other activity? Or integrate a become whole again so that you can move forward in a life that feels free?

Once you get to a quiet place, start by thinking about the event that triggered you and it will re-activate the painful emotional trigger and start to integrate it by becoming unconditionally present with the emotion or feeling.

When you book a Shadow Work Session with me, I will guide you step-by-step through the process. It’s really beneficial if someone guides you through the process, because that person will hold space for you and be with your pain. Besides that, your ego will easily distract you from uncomfortable emotional triggers. Having someone to keep you focused on the process will help you integrate faster. I don’t mean that you need to ‘fix’ yourself fast or that you need to ‘get rid of’ your emotional discomfort. But out of my own experience it’s so easy to distract yourself, especially when it gets too hard. Even going to sleep is a way of distracting yourself!


So, if you are really committed to yourself and improving your life (and I know you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), then booking a session will be so beneficial for your integration process.