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Emotions are, as it were, echoes of the past. And they remain in the unconscious until we integrate them. This then has a huge influence on what we attract in daily life, the decisions we make, how we look at the world and much more! During a Shadow Work session I help you step-by-step to go through emotional triggers as we reprogram your subconscious mind until healing takes place.

Book 3 Shadow Work Sessions

This program contains 3 one-on-one Shadow Work Healing sessions once every 2 weeks, per month or a longer period in between sessions if preferred.

 What can you expect during a session? 
During a session I will guide you through a step-by-step visualization process helping you heal past memories and emotional triggers combining  inner child-  and shadow work.    This process walks you through emotional triggers which leads you to your earliest memory, then resolving the inner child’s needs and create resolution. The more you do this the process the closer you get to living an empowered and free life, closing the gab between where you are and where you want to be. 

Learn how to get in touch with emotional triggers and reconnect to your inner child

Learn how to be fully present with yourself and your emotions

Become aware of you subconscious mind (shadows)

Integrate past memories, feelings and beliefs

Close the gab between where you are and where you want to be

Become empowered & free

What is Shadow Work?

Shadow Work is a process where you become aware of what you don’t see. You learn how to integrate all the memories, feelings, beliefs you have experienced in your life that became subconscious.

What are Emotional Triggers?

An emotional trigger or emotional upset is in a way the echo of a traumatic memory. View them as messengers of something important. It’s an opportunity for integration.

How does the Subconscious Mind and work?

The physical human was created with a subconscious and a conscious mind. The subconscious mind controls all automatic things of life. But there is more…

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I need? You can do Shadow Work as many times as you want. You can do this process by yourself easier once you get used to it. But if you can not get yourself through a specific, memory, emotion or belief (your ego is going to try to distract you) you need someone to hold space for you and guide you through the process.

How long does a session take? The duration of the session will be 70 minutes. Integration/healing can happen very fast, but it can’t be forced. So it might take another session to fully integrate a specific trigger. You will be guided to be able to do this yourself as well.

How do I prepare for a session? Don’t eat too much before a session, grab a glass of water and tissue. Make sure you can not be disturbed. You can read my blog ‘What is Shadow Work‘ and ‘What are emotional triggers?’. 

Or get me free Shadow Work Guide here.

What is the benefit of booking 3 Shadow Work Sessions? Monthly coaching will help you stay focused on integrating more aspects of yourself outside of the sessions which will show even faster results. I will be available for email contact outside of the sessions and it’s cheaper than a one time session.

For whom is this process? Everyone has experienced emotional and mental distress (trauma) in their life to a certain degree. This process is for everyone no matter what struggle or challenge you are dealing with. 

I am Dutch, can I book a Dutch speaking session? Yes, I offer sessions in Dutch and English language.

How do I book a session? You can book a session here. I will contact you and see if we are a match to work together. 

How fast do I see results? You can feel results right after the session. If you integrate just one memory, feeling or belief, you change the direction of your life and anything you attract to it. But it can also take a few days to really experience the effects it has given to your ‘new’ life.

What should I do after a session?You might feel tired after a session, make sure you don’t do too much and let your day be soft, don’t try to challenge yourself. Writing down any insights you’ve had during the process is very powerful. You can take a shower or bath after the session, take a walk or listen to music for example.

When we integrate aspects of ourselves, our body and our tissues of our cells have te re-aclimatise to that new feeling and vibration, so you might feel fragile.

What is your area of expertise? ‘We are given the very wounds we are meant to teach others to heal’.

A few things of my area of expertise are self-rejection (which everyone has to a certain degree), self-hate, low self-worth, shame, body dissociation, loneliness, fear/anxiety, difficulty with feeling emotions and resistance to femininity. 

Keep in mind this process is for everyone no matter what trauma you’ve experienced (big or small). I can guide you through any of it.

What is Shadow Work? Read more about shadow work by clicking here.

What is an emotional trigger? Do I need to have a strong emotional trigger for the session? Read more about emotional triggers by clicking here.

I have a question, how can I contact you? Feel free to email me at

Frequently asked questions

What is inner-child work?

As an adult we think our childhood as ended, but it hasn’t. Your inner-child is still alive within you.

How the Human Shadow works

Your subconscious is everything that you don’t see in yourself, that which is suppressed. Your conscious mind holds what you can see, what you are aware of.


What is Suppressed Memory?

A suppressed memory occurs when a situation is associated with trauma or stress, and the memory of the entire situation is unconsciously blocked so that the person has no memory of it at all.

About me

Hi, my name is Naomi. My mission is to help people close the gab between where they are and where they want to be, so that they can live an empowered life, free from emotional triggers and negative beliefs. I have studied Shadow Work for over 7 years and applied this into my own life. It has helped me to overcome many internal struggles such as self-rejection, self-hate, low self-worth,  shame and loneliness. Shadow Work has transformed my life in so many ways and much more.

Naomi helped me feel safe to express myself and holds space and attention through the whole process. She took the time for me to work through the process at my own pace, while guiding me when I needed it.

Free Spirit

Naomi has a very nice personality. She guides you very calmly through the process, really takes the time and gives you a very safe and secure feeling during the session.

Writer, content creator, About Now

A Shadow Work session with Naomi is highly recommended! She guides you through the session in a very nice and gentle way. She knows exactly when she can continue through the process or if she should give you a little more time. In addition, she has an incredibly nice and calm voice which helps to go even deeper within yourself. During the session, things come up that you do not think about and that is exactly what you can use to move forward. After the session I had the feeling that I am closer to myself again, thank you!
Femke Schuffel

HSP Coach, Reiki, Yoga Teacher

I am so grateful for my ‘shadow work integration session’ with Naomi! I didn’t really know what to expect before the session but Naomi explained the process really well before we got started. She is really gifted at making you feel at ease and holds a safe space for you to really go deep into your emotions. While being so sweet and gentle, she reminded me at the same time to keep focusing on my emotions when I got distracted and my mind started to interpret the emotion.

During the process, there was more resistance than I had expected and tears came up. Naomi was amazing in helping me feel loved, guided, and connected. At the end of the session, I felt so relieved and much lighter in my body. I slept like a baby that evening!


Health Coach, Puricious

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