As an adult we think our childhood has ended, but it hasn’t. Your child self is still alive within you. Your inner-child perceptions and beliefs affect the way you think, feel and act in your day-to-day life. When you experienced things in your childhood that were painful, a part of you stays stuck or frozen in time in that pain. You could not move forward at that point in time. In this way your thoughts, feelings and experiences froze into your being. You survive and keep functioning in your day-to-day life while ignoring the pain.

In order to function at all, you have rejected the part of yourself that first experienced that particular pain. As children we buried our own inner ‘selves’. It was a coping mechanism you used in order to survive in that experience. But resisting en suppressing the pain is not a healthy thing, it can even create disease within the body. I belief any physical symptom is related to emotional pain from your past. If you think a thought over and over again that is not in alignment with your highest good, it can manifest in the physical body as an unpleasant symptom.

The pain we hang on to can only be healed when we are willing to turn our attention back toward the child who is frozen in time. We need to listen to what that child has to say and love our inner child in the same way he or she needed to be loved back then. Everyone holds within themselves the essence of the child they once were, not matter how loving or unloving your upbringing was. One part of you grew up, but other parts of you stayed a child, because of unresolved experiences from your past. The adult part of you grew up, despite not getting what it needed as a child, and it’s your adult self who holds the key to healing. 

We will always feel powerless if we wait for someone else to rescue the part of us that needs to be rescued. We will always be unhealed if we wait for someone else to take care of the parts of us that need to be cared for. The best way to begin your own healing is to take care of the child self that is present within you. You need to provide for yourself today, in your now moment, whatever you didn’t receive in the past from others.

Inner-Child work is one of the most life-transforming techniques.