What are Essential Oils?

You can see essential oils as the life energy of plants. They are aromatic liquids that are found in many flowers, trees, roots and seeds. They support brain health and healthy weight. They are used for emotional and spiritual support. Essential oils are usually extracted by steam distillation process or by compression, making them 100 to 10.000 times more concentrated than the original plant. 

What are the effects of Essential Oils?

The structure of the essential oils can quickly penetrate the cell membranes, pass through blood and tissue and improve cellular function. The incredibly life force can reach the brain within 22 seconds, within 2  minutes they are in the blood stream and within 20 minutes every cell of the body has absorb the oil.  

 They are three way to use essential oils: 

  • Locally, through the skin.
  • Intake purely or though food.
  • Diffuse or inhale directly: this can be the most effective method because it does not have to go through the digestive system.

 Tests have shown that essential oils reach your heart, liver and thyroid in 3 seconds when you inhale them. In a healthy body the essential oils leave your system after 3 to 6 hours.

Where to start? 

There are various ways to start using essential oils. The best way is to purchase the Premium Starter Kit. This starter kit is cheaper than buying the oils separately. You immediately have 12 fantastic oils and a diffuser to use for many complaints and issues. Some say, “I’m not going to use them all?” Once you have experienced what the oils do for you, you will not want to live without it, because they can be used for the most common complaints in our daily lives.

It is very important that you receive personal assistance when purchasing the Premium Starterskit (which is me). I will help you at all times with the use of the oils so that you do not have to sort it out yourself.

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