I have listed the most important reasons why practicing Yoga is healthy.

If this doesn’t convince you to start practicing Yoga, I don’t know anymore! 😉

1. Increase your flexibility

Regular muscle stretching makes your muscles more flexible. This makes your body more mobile and vital. The risk of injury is therefore smaller and there is more room in the body.

2. Strengthens your muscles

Yoga helps strengthen your muscles, depending on the type of yoga you practice. You hold some postures for minutes and this strengthens your muscles.

3. Improves your posture

Nowadays we often create poor posture, because of the frequent sitting and because of sitting in an incorrect position. Yoga helps you to become more aware of your body and to improve your posture.

4. Helps you sleep better

Due to busy days it is sometimes difficult to turn off thoughts in bed. This makes it harder for you to sleep and the sleep that you get is of poorer quality. Yoga helps you to calm your senses and thoughts. This allows you to calm yourself down and let things go. This helps you sleep better and deeper.

5. Strengthen your bones

The longer hold of postures ensures that your bones are strengthened and that you have less chance of, for example, osteoporosis.

6. Improves your blood circulation

The wide variety of postures that you do with Yoga helps you to improve blood circulation. Postures with the legs in the air help, for example, to improve blood flow in the legs. Turned postures also give the organs in the torso a light massage, which stimulates blood circulation in the organs.

7. Improves your oxygen intake

One of the most important elements in Yoga is breathing. By breathing differently and using the full capacity of your lungs, you absorb more oxygen in your body. Your body needs oxygen to function, so when you have better and more efficient oxygen uptake, this is good for your body for many reasons.

8. Improves your CO2 separation

While your body wants to absorb oxygen, the CO2 has to separate again. CO2 is as it were a waste product of your body and must be able to get out of the body as efficiently as possible. For example, if you breathe too quickly, your lungs don’t have enough time to absorb oxygen and release CO2. The result is that your blood contains too high a CO2 value. This can cause all kinds of complaints. Yoga breathing helps you to get this process in balance.

9. Helps you to eliminate waste

Because of our way of life, we often retain too much waste in the body. Over the years this can cause many complications. Therefore, detoxing can be good once in a while. In particular twisted positions (twist positions) help you with this detox process. The organs receive a massage that releases accumulated waste and can leave the body.

10. Regulates blood pressure

Nowadays quite a few people have to deal with high blood pressure. Often this is again a consequence of the lifestyle that we have. Yoga can help to bring blood pressure back into balance. Especially relaxation exercises such as savasana and meditation can help with this.

11. Improves your balance

In addition to balance exercises, Yoga is also healthy because it helps to create balance in your life. Knowing when to take a rest and when to continue.

12. Helps you relax

With Yoga practice you come across many relaxation exercises. These exercises help you, among other things, to experience less stress. You learn how to switch your body between exercise and relaxation. The extent to which you feel relaxed is largely regulated by your nervous system. One of the reasons why Yoga is healthy is because it helps you reset your nervous system and gain more control over it. This allows your body to learn how to switch between exercise and relaxation when needed.

13. Makes your back stronger

Back complaints are common. There are six different types of postures within Yoga. Forward bends, back bends, extensions, twisted positions, inversions and lateral positions. All of these postures help to make your back stronger, more flexible and more vital. Do you have back problems? Yoga is THE solution.

14. Makes you more energetic

One of the big benefits is much more energy and a fitter and healthier body. In addition, stress and worry takes a lot of your energy. This makes you feel quickly lifeless. When you practice Yoga you create more energy, leaving more energy for important things.

15. Improves your digestion

Yoga promotes digestion in various ways. Yoga stimulates the organs and they will function better. Your nervous system also plays a role. When you are stressed, your body is in “survival mode”. When this is the case, your body pays less attention to processes such as digestion and recovery. By relaxing yourself, your system switches to relaxation mode. In this mode, the body can resume these processes, such as digestion.

16. Can reduce pain

Whether it is back complaints, neck complaints, joint pain or more serious conditions, such as rheumatism. Yoga can help to relieve pain in many cases. In addition, you must carefully consider which form of Yoga you are going to practice. Not every form is suitable for all complaints. Experiment with the type of Yoga that you follow and see what effect it has on the complaints you experience.